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5 Things That Should Be Included in Your Roofing Estimate

One of the most important things you can do when going through the process of choosing a roofing company to work on your home is to get and evaluate several different bids.

Getting multiple quotes gives you a good idea of what the costs are, on average, and bids that are especially high or low will stand out and potentially raise red flags.

You'll want to make sure each proposal includes at least the five following items.

1) The Exact Work to Be Completed

There's much more that goes into a new roof than just adding new shingles or metal. You need to know exactly what the company is billing you for such as tearing off the old roof, purchasing new vents, replacing flashing, and removal of old materials. There may be some surprises along the way such as rotted plywood under the old roof, but at least a quote gives you an idea on where to start for the budget.

2) How Long the Project Will Last (Estimate)

Roofers will generally stay on site until the job is done, and there are really no other contractors to wait for like during the construction of a new home, so a projected schedule is mostly for your own inventory.

3) The Daily Schedule

It's nice to know if you'll be dealing with early risers or night owls in regards to the times that your roof will be worked on. Many times local building restrictions limit the hours of construction, but once again - nice to know either way.

4) Safety Protocol the Company Will Follow

Companies need to follow safety protocols, especially on a roof build with extreme heights. The last thing you want to deal with is a worker injured on your property.

5) Payment Terms and Total Cost

Typically, roofing contractors require a partial payment up front to at least cover material costs prior to starting the job. You should never pay in full before the job is over and having the written proposal outlining your agreement will provide you with a measure of protection should some unforeseen circumstance arise.

Any good roofing contractor will answer all your questions without hesitation, and if they don't - that may be the ultimate answer to any questions or concerns you have. Get your free estimate - call us at (516) 284-8598.